Shiatsu Practitioners

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Toby Warrener

MRSS DIP BSS. Shiatsu Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reg. Shiatsu Society UK Toby is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner, who uses a knowledge of diet and restorative exercise to inform the treatments he offers. He studied at the British School of Shiatsu for 3 years. His treatments  aim to relax and calm you physically, mentally and emotionally. Toby specialises in treating those who suffer with acute and chronic sleep patterns. Techniques include palm or thumb massage, sustained pressure, assisted stretching, and gentle holding and rocking motions. Treatment aims to improve your health and vitality by assisting circulation of blood and energy to nourish your tissues and vital organs. Shiatsu  can have a deeply relaxing effect on the body. Toby also teaches daily breathing exercises and gentle stretching to further strengthen the healing process.