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Joanna Patterson

Reflexology MAR

Jo trained as a Reflexologist at the London School of Reflexology. She is a runner, starting on the track, amd now 30 years on, competes in Master Athletes events. Each Reflexology treatment is individually tailored to offer a mix of relaxation and rejuvenation.  Jo is trained for both foot and hand Reflexology.  Reflexology can offer benefits for people who want to remain active, as well as treatment for general relaxation purposes. She has experience in treating people with digestive issues, fertility, arthritis, and working with people who have had chemotherapy.  Jo also treats women during all stages of pregnancy.  As well as pregnant women who are overdue.

Jo is also qualified as a Massage Therapist through the North London School of Sports Massage.  She is a strong believer that our bodies will look after us if we look after them  Regular Massages can help with this.
Jo uses her knowledge of exercise and rehabilitation to keep your body at it's best.  Jo's uses both her Reflexology and Massage knowledge to offer patients what they need to get the most out of their bodies in today's hectic lifestyles.