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Christine Hallensleben

Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drainage

Christine has been working as a healer for many years as well as an artist and a gardener. She also works with adults with autism and learning difficulties.

Christine first qualified as a massage therapist after studying full time for two and a half years in her native country of Germany, learning Swedish Massage, osteo(bone) and soft
tissue massage and Lymphatic Drainage- a treatment for swollen limbs and face.

Christine then spent many years learning and practicing Lokai Zen Shiatsu taught by
Sasaki. Shiatsu is practised by pressing points along the ancient meridian lines of the
body. It also includes stretches and movement exercises.

The aim of Zen Shiatsu is to restore the flow of energy in the body and to create an energetic rapport/dialogue between receiver and giver, thus opening the way to deeper understanding, balance and healing.

Christine offers 60 or 90 minutes treatments of either Zen Shiatsu which is done with the recipient wearing loose clothing lying on a mat, or Massage Shiatsu, Lymphatic drainage or Remedial massage which are done on the massage couch using oil which requires the recipient to undress as with other oil massages.