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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology in Crystal Palace, Upper Norwood, South East London

foot reflexology crystal palace

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that promotes well-being and relaxation through gentle pressure on the feet. It helps to re-balance 'energy' in the body and stimulate natural healing processes. All parts of the body are said to be 'reflected' in the feet and stimulating these relevant areas is thought to influence their corresponding organs and systems. For example, the big toe 'represents' the head and neck and working in this area can help to relieve corresponding aches.

Crystalline deposits of waste products such as calcium and uric acid accumulate around nerve endings on the foot and feel 'crunchy'. A swelling or just a strange sensation could indicate a possible problem in the related zone. Working on a point helps crush the crystals and stimulate circulation so that the lymph system can more easily eliminate them.

Practitioners begin by examining the general appearance of your feet, noting their shape and condition. A dusting of talcum powder helps them use their thumbs and knuckles on the reflex points in a combination of massage, and pressing on pressure points, noting areas of pain or tenderness that call for extra attention. By stimulating these points the 7000 nerves and the 26 bones in the feet help release blockages and re-balance the energy flow in the body.

Most people find reflexology relaxing, but occasionally symptoms may worsen before improving, which is said to be a sign that the body's natural healing processes are removing 'toxins'. Weekly treatments for several weeks may be required. Stress, anxiety and depression also contribute to the legnth of time needed to heal. The benefits of touch are particularly helpful in relieving the physical manifestation and acumulated effects of tension and stress in the mind and body .

Our reflexologists have treated people with many health problems, including back pain, migraine, arthritis, womens' reproductive health problems, digestive disorders, sport injuries, sleep disorders, and hormonal imbalances and stress-related conditions.

60 minutes treatment £65, 90 minutes foot and face or foot and hand £95