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Cranial Osteopathy for babies and children

We all started life in utero, have been born and had a childhood. This experience along with our genetic programming makes us who we are.  The journey of childhood informs and shapes how the adult body will develop. It is hugely exciting as an osteopath to be able to help a baby and child to grow in such a way that their own unique body can function to its full potential and minimise problems in later life.

Osteopathy treats children, not conditions. However, a wide variety of childhood complaints regularly present to osteopaths. We see babies and children presenting with many common childhood conditions which vary from irritable babies, stomach upset and perceived behavourial problems, (including the inability to relax), muscle and joint pain, headache and back ache. We also treat pregnant and post-natal women. Whoever we’re treating, we do so holistically to help restore, maintain and support health and wellbeing.

Some parents have perceived the following changes in their child’s behaviour after osteopathic treatment: a reduction in colicky crying, improved sleep patterns, less irritability, and an increase in quiet happy spells.

We have three Osteopaths experienced in treating babies and children

Poppy Moore trained with an osteopath midwife. She is a mother and young grandmother, and  has extensive clinical experience, offering competent effective Cranial treatment for children from newly born babies through to teenagers.

Charli Santiago has been treating babies for 18 years. She has post graduate training in Paediatric Osteopathy, Pre and Post Natal Mothers and Infant Feeding & Tongue Tie.

Andres Rojas has completed many hours of post graduate training including Cranial and Classical osteopathic techniques which inform his treatment when working with children .


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