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Osteopathic Treatment For Osteoarthritis

Many of our patients bring in x-rays or MRIs showing ‘wear and tear’ or ‘degenerative changes’ in one or more of their joints. Usually this means they have osteoarthritis. It shouldn’t be a scary word though, because arthritis is actually a normal part of the ageing process, affecting all of us to some degree as ... Read more
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Cranial Osteopathy for babies and children

We all started life in utero, have been born and had a childhood. This experience along with our genetic programming makes us who we are.  The journey of childhood informs and shapes how the adult body will develop. It is hugely exciting as an osteopath to be able to help a baby and child to grow ... Read more

Congested sinuses and blocked ears can be helped by osteopathy.

We have recently had an increase in people coming to the clinic with ear problems. Mostly the presenting complaint is of neck,  shoulder and upper back pain and the sinus and ear complaints are relayed to me during the medical case history questions. I have noticed that following an osteopathic treatment to relieve neck muscle tension and ... Read more
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National Childbirth Trust Classes & Pregnancy Yoga

We  have NCT classes in our yoga studio on sundays. These classes are for pregnant women and their parteners to prepare them for the birth and baby. For more info go to The classes are held by Amy Kuofor, who is also teaches Hypnobirthing classes. Pregnant women may also be interested in Pregnancy yoga. ... Read more

Ovarian cancer often misdiagnosed

Osteopath Abby Mulholland recently gave an eye opening talk on the misdiagnosis of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). IBS diagnosis is most prevalent in people in their twenties and thirties. If a woman over 50 presents with new onset of IBS like symptoms, it is important that ovarian ... Read more