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5 Signs That A Reiki Cleanse Would Benefit You

Reiki is a form of energy healing which works by moving and cleansing the energy in the body’s chakra system.

The cleansing and re-circulation of this energy reboots your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Most of us didn’t grow up with Reiki healing readily available, or even with knowledge of the chakra system, so it’s no surprise that we don’t recognise the signs telling us it’s time to get a Reiki session.

Often after we have just went through a stressful situation or period, Reiki can help us recover because when we are stressed it uses up a lot of our life force energy, also know as prana.

Here are some things you might be experiencing which indicate that it’s time to try a Reiki cleanse.

1. You’re Feeling Tired ALL The Time

Burnout happens when we have overworked or have been under too much stress. It can also come about from taking on too much of other peoples energy. Are you surrounded by a lot of other people during the week? If so you may be taking on the energy of their emotions without even realising it. This can play havoc with your energetic equilibrium. The pain, anxiety or general negativity that others are carrying can leave you feeling drained.

Regardless of why you are so lethargic, Reiki can help by giving your energetic system a good clear out and a recharge.

2. You Have Chronic Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain disorders can find their pain is prolonged by energy blocks. Whether your pain is an old injury, a new injury, or a full-blown chronic pain condition, Reiki can help to ease the symptoms. A reiki practitioner should be able to target specific areas where energy blocks are causing pain, cleansing these areas to release the blocks.

3. You Are Feeling Overwhelmingly Emotional

You might feel like you’re on the verge of crying, with a tight throat, over-reacting to small things, or you feel like you have lost control of your emotions. If so, you might be holding too much emotional energy in your body, whether it’s yours or somebody elses.

Reiki healing can help to balance your emotional state and stay better in control of yourself.

4. You Can’t Focus Because Of Brain Fog

You might be finding it takes much longer to get simple tasks done, with your brain working slower than usual, or you’re finding yourself confused without a clear line of thought.

These symptoms are often a sign of an emotional disturbance and Reiki can help with that. After a Reiki session you’ll find that you can switch your brain back on again and it will function better.

5. You Feel Depressed

If you are overwhelmed with negative emotions such as sadness, hopelessness, loneliness etc, then Reiki can help to get you through it and feeling more positive.

Negative emotions can block up our chakras, and an experienced Reiki practitioner will be able to pick up on the strongest emotions to work on an you can get an aura-wash which will leave your feeling brand new and clear of the heavy negativity that was holding you down.

After A Reiki Session

After a Reiki session your emotions might be heightened for the next few days as you go through an emotional detox. This is normal so just be aware of the process and take a rest when you need it.

Although Reiki is a safe and powerful healing tool, if you are experiencing prolonged physical pain or mental issues, it’s always best to see your doctor.

Crystal Palace Osteopaths & Natural Therapies offer Reiki treatment in Crystal Palace, Upper Norwood, South East London. The cost is £60 for a 1 hour session. To book a session please contact us.

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