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5 Reasons To Consider Trying Acupuncture

Stress and anxiety are at an all time high with many people feeling under pressure from the demands of a busy lifestyle.

Add to this the extra worries taken on board from simply opening a newspaper or watching the news these days, and it’s no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed by every day life.

Despite the prevalence of anxiety disorders in the UK, still less than half of those people suffering actually receive treatment.

Acupuncture has been shown to be effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety, and other related disorders brought on by the demands of our modern lives.

Here are five things that acupuncture may also help with:

1. Mental well-being

An acupuncture session provides us with a pause in our day which allows us to relax and hit the refresh button. It also also been shown to be effective at treating anxiety, with results often felt after just the first session. With regular treatments many people have found it to be a safe and natural alternative to medication. Due to the reduction in stress as a result of regular treatments, acupuncture can also play a role in preventing stress related diseases.

2. Better Skin Health

Many people who receive regular acupuncture treatments have found that facial rejuvenation can help to activate sagging facial muscles, relax wrinkles, and boost collagen levels.

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3. Neck Pain & Headaches

Too much time spent on our phones and computers can bring about pain in the neck and trigger headaches. Acupuncture works in two ways, relaxing tight muscles to reduce the tension as well as working with the fascial network of the body, helping to release the body’s natural opiates.

4. PMS Symptoms

Many women have found that acupuncture provides relief from PMS symptoms, as well as preventing them to some extent. Regular acupuncture sessions may result in less severe pain and mood swings when the time comes.

5. Insomnia

By helping the mind and body to relax, acupuncture can make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. Many people who suffer from insomnia have reported a great night’s sleep after even just the first session.

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