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5 Health Benefits Of Reflexology

Reflexology has been used for thousands of years as an alternative treatment for a wide range of conditions.

Both the ancient Chinese and Egyptians documented practices along the same lines as reflexology to treat common afflictions at the time.

The treatment involves a practitioner applying pressure to specific areas of the hands, feet and ears, which connect with certain reflex areas of the body.

It also is said to help to align your “Qi” which can be loosely translated as your “life force energy”, but for those who find that concept hard to grasp, there have been many studies that support the claims that reflexology does work on a physical level and can live up to it’s other claims as well.

Although not widely accepted in the medical world, reflexology has been used by physicians across the globe for generations with positive results.

Here are some of the health benefits of reflexology:

Improved Nerve Function

Our nerve endings become less sensitive as we age and reflexology can stimulate over 7000 different nerve endings in a single session, increasing their reactivity and function, cleaning out neural pathways, and improving the functionality of many parts of the body.

Increased Energy Levels

Reflexology can increase metabolism and the energy creating processes within the body, helping you to get out of a sluggish, fatigued state, and back to embracing the day with a spring in your step.

Improved Circulation

It has been verified that reflexology can promote better circulation i.e. blood and oxygen get cycled through the body more effectively. This optimizes the performance of your organs as they receive more oxygen, further increasing metabolism. This also helps damaged cells to heal faster and re-grow.

Reduced Frequency Of Headaches

Reflexology can be used as an analgesic treatment and in particular to relieve headaches and migraines, as it relieves tension in the muscles that result in these conditions.

Also, in many cases, headaches are caused by stress, so the relaxing and stress-reducing effects of reflexology can cut to the root of the problem and prevent the physical symptoms of a stress induced headache from developing,

Elimination Of Toxins

It has been found that reflexology is effective in improving bladder function and reducing urinary tract issues. This means that the body can perform better at eliminating toxins and foreign substances and therefore protect you from the various diseases and conditions that can arise from a compromised urinary system.

These are just a few of the benefits of reflexology. For more information or to arrange a session you can call us on 020 8771 9050 or send us an email.

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