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5 Benefits Of A Sports Massage

If you are looking to improve your athletic performance then you should already understand the importance of proper recovery. One way of ensuring your muscles stay in top condition is to have a regular sports massage.

Using a combination of various techniques, a good sports massage will be tailored to focus on the muscles groups affected most by the activities you do.

It can be light if you are nearing an event, or more intense if you’re between events and can focus on deep tissue work in problem areas.

What are the main benefits of sports massage?

Athletic Performance

A good sports massage will leave you feeling lighter, more flexible and more powerful, ready to take on those heavy training sessions with maximum effort. Any nagging aches and pains should subside and you’ll be less prone to injury.

Injury Prevention

This is one of the best reasons to get a sports massage as most athlete’s biggest nightmare is to suffer an injury, especially leading up to a big event.

Sports massage will help your muscles, joints and tendons function at their best and move through their proper range of motion. It reduces the initial inflammation which occurs when muscles are overused therefore preventing further inflammation and injury.

Pain Reduction

Massage is known to reduce pain experienced from injuries or tight muscles, as well as promoting the healing of scar tissues.

Mental focus and clarity

If you want to be in the best state psychologically before your next event a sports massage can help to decrease stress and increase focus.

Better Recovery

After intense physical activity muscles need time to recover and release waste fluids such as lactic acid. Massage helps to release these waste fluids and speed up the recovery process.

How often should you get a Sports Massage?

For the typical athlete, a massage once a week is good to aim for, or once a month at the very least. This will go a long way to ensure you feel the benefits and will help to prevent injury.

If you can’t commit to having a massage regularly then it should always be considered both before and after any big event. The pre-event massage will stimulate the muscles and the post-event massage will assist with recovery.

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