Private Health Insurance

health insurers

If you have private health insurance you may be able to claim for the cost of your osteopathic treatment. This allows you to have a full course of treatment for maximum benefit without worrying about the cost.

Some health insurers also give an allowance for complementary therapies.

First call your insurance company to check if your insurance covers your treatment. They may ask you to get a referral from your doctor. If you are covered, you need to tell reception when you book your appointment.

For us to claim payment directly from the insurance company you need to tell us your authorisation code and membership number. Ask your insurance company to send you an email confirming your authorisation code, membership number and whether you have an excess to pay. If you have an excess you will have to pay for your treatment at reception until your excess has been reached. We will invoice your insurers, who will then pay us directly for your subsequent treatments.

Different insurance companies and different policies have varied allowances.

If you want to claim for yourself, ask the receptionist for a printed receipt when you pay. You can send this to your insurance company, and they will recompense you. Repayments usually come within a month.