Ms. Charli Santiago

B.Sc (Hons) Ost., MSCCO. Principal Osteopath

Charli has a creative background having worked with children with learning difficulties, performed in the theatre, and travelled extensively. She is the longest qualified Osteopath at the practice. Her special interests include Cranial, Structural and Visceral Osteopathy, Osteopathy in pregnancy and for babies and children. She also very much enjoys Osteopathy for the elderly, and Osteopathy to help with stress. She has also completed studies in Herbal medicine and Laughing Yoga. Over the years Charli has created a welcoming and relaxed therapeutic environment, ensuring that the practice offers a high level of professional care. She enjoys being involved in the local community.

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Abby Mulholland

M.Ost. DPO.  Osteopath

Abby graduated from the London School of Osteopathy and is an accomplished structural osteopath. She has completed a 2yr post-graduate training course in paediatric osteopathy in addition to post-graduate courses in western medical acupuncture and cranial osteopathy. Abby also treats pre and post-partum mothers. Prior to becoming an osteopath Abby worked as a sports massage therapist. Since graduating she has been involved in tutoring and examining at the London school of Osteopathy.


Ms. Poppy Moore

M.Ost.  Osteopath

Poppy graduated from the London school of Osteopathy. She has post graduate studies in Cranial Osteopathy for babies and children. Poppy has also studied with a Midwife Osteopath and has experience treating women during and post pregnancy. As a mother and grandmother she has vast experience of caring for children with natural medicine.
Poppy has a varied career history in arts and crafts, including stained glass and jewellery design, social care – working mainly with autistic teenagers, and in accountancy – working for Neal’s yard remedies and the Royal Academy of Dance.

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Mr Andrés Rojas

M.Ost.  Osteopath

Andres has experience of working  with a range of patients of all ages, treating both acute and chronic problems. He uses a variety of techniques in his treatments, including Cranial Osteopathy, joint manipulation and soft tissue release on muscles, Viceral Osteopathy, the specialised articulation and release of  tense tissues to improve the movements and quality of internal organs, and working with deeper connective tissue or fascia which often has very successful results. Andres’s training has led to a unique and effective style of Osteopathy. He has recently completed a post graduate qualification in Classical Osteopathy.