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charli santiago

Ms. Charli Santiago

B.Sc (Hons) Ost. ITEC Dip. – Principal Osteopath

Charli has a creative background having worked with children with learning difficulties, performed in the theatre, and travelled extensively. Charli’s special interests include Cranial, Structural and Visceral Osteopathy, Osteopathy for babies & children, Herbal medicine, Magnetic therapy and Laughing Yoga. Over the years Charli has created a welcoming and relaxed therapeutic environment, ensuring that the practice offers a high level of professional care. She  enjoys being involved in the local community.


abby mulholland

Abby Mulholland

M.Ost. DPO – Osteopath

Abby graduated from the London School of Osteopathy and is an accomplished structural osteopath. She has completed a 2yr post-graduate training course in paediatric osteopathy in addition to post-graduate courses in western medical acupuncture and cranial osteopathy. Abby also treats pre and post-partum mothers. Prior to becoming an osteopath Abby worked as a sports massage therapist. Since graduating she has been involved in tutoring and examining at the London school of Osteopathy and volunteers at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.


poppy moore

Ms. Poppy Moore

M.Ost. – Osteopath

Poppy has a varied career history in arts and crafts, including stained glass and jewellery design, social care – working mainly with autistic teenagers, and in accountancy – working for Neal’s yard remedies and the Royal Academy of Dance. Poppy graduated from the London school of Osteopathy. She has post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy for babies and children. Poppy also studied with a midwife osteopath and has experience treating women during and post pregnancy.


Mr Andres Rojas

M.Ost. – Osteopath

Andres has experience of working  with a range of patients of all ages, treating both acute and chronic problems. He uses a variety of techniques in his treatments, including Cranial Osteopathy, joint manipulation and soft tissue release on muscles, Viceral Osteopathy, the specialised articulation and release of  tense tissues to improve the movements and quality of internal organs, and working with deeper connective tissue or fascia which often has very successful results. Andres’s training has led to a unique and effective style of Osteopathy. He is currently undertaking a post graduate qualification in Classical Osteopathy.


Holistic Therapists


amal alaoui

Ms. Amal Alaoui

RCT, MARH – Homeopath and Craniosacral Therapist.

Craniosacral therapy supports adults and children experiencing physical or emotional discomfort. Treatment helps to improve health by restoring alignment and vitality, as well as releasing trauma within the body. Homeopathy, a natural form of medicine, assists the body to heal itself and is suitable for a wide range of symptoms including hormonal imbalances, skin conditions, anxiety, digestive disorders, allergies and sleep issues. Amal has an intuitive understanding of her clients, especially the impact stress has on a person’s emotional and physical well-being. Her treatments may combine both homeopathy and craniosacral therapy, with relaxation techniques.

Amal has written a feature about Children and Craniosacral Therapy in Families Online :


Catherine Adelaja

Catherine Adelaja

Dip.Ac, DipCHM, MAcS TCM, BA Acupuncture

Catherine studied Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Moxibustion at the London Academy of Oriental medicine qualifying in 1997. She was awarded a Scholarship for post-graduate studies in China at the Tianjin Traditional Medicine Hospital, primarily treating patients with strokes and also acute and chronic pain. Catherine has worked both in private practice and the NHS with a wide range of conditions such as musculoskeletal, gynaecological, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders. She has also worked in drug and alcohol centres treating addictions.
Catherine is also interested in treating women with acupuncture to hep with reproductive health and fertility. She is a member of the Acupuncture Society that observes strict codes of conduct.


Rachel Goth

GHSC accredited, Member of GH Register-Hypnotherapist.

Rachel’s background is in the creative arts. It was her love of stories, combined with her work at a centre for Buddhist studies which drew her first towards mindfulness and then to the healing power of hypnotherapy.
Are you telling yourself you can’t achieve what you want, are you anxious, fearful or low in confidence? Rachel’s approach centres around the belief that life is all about the stories we tell ourselves regarding our past, present and future. By helping you to change your story hypnotherapy can give your mind a new blueprint and help you to live more of the life you want.
After gaining a Diploma in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Counselling Rachel continues to take further study in hypnosis and it’s applications.


karolina plaza

Karolina Plaza

Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Holistic Massage, Pregnancy Massage.

Karolina is ITEC trained in Sports Massage and specialises in Deep Tissue Massage and Indian Head Massage. She has worked as a massage therapist in Uk for the last 10 years having qualified as a Physiotherapist from the Academy of Physical Education in Poland. Karolina’s deep tisssue massage is a powerful therapeutic experience effective in releasing chronic tension and relaxing muscles. Karolina lives locally and is usually available for short notice appointments.


Melanie Howlett

Melanie Howlett

ACMT,CTHA. Advanced Clinical, Deep Tissue, Holistic, Pregnancy Massage,Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage, Myofascial Release, Natural Facial uplift and Rejuvenation massage, Reiki Master .

Melanie specialises in providing a great treatment to relieve long standing neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, TMJ related tension and accumulated muscular tension and stress. She has created her own style of Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage combining heated Bamboo, hot stones and deep tissue massage. She incorporates Advanced Clinical techniques with a holistic approach to provide a deeply relaxing therapeutic experience. Melanie is also a Reiki master.


amanda ralph

Amanda Ralph

DIP Aromatherapy, Sports, Remedial, Trigger Point and Swedish Massage

Working for over 15 years in the wellness industry, Amanda’s background is in fitness and personal training. Amanda is particularly interested in helping people with chronic pain, injuries and in rehabilitation. She has 10 years of experience with herbal nutritional products, winning an international award for a blog recounting her own recovery from Fibromyalgia using nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, and exercise. Amanda has been successfully helping people for many years providing a full package as a holistic nutritional and Fibromyalgia specialist.


Florence Hall

Diploma Level 3, Therapeutic, Holistic, Deep Tissue Massage.

Whether you are looking for relief from stress and anxiety, have a crick in your neck, or are aching from overworking muscles at the gym, Florence will tailor her treatment to suit you. She offers a safe, non-judgemental environment and delights in working with people from all walks of life, with all kinds of bodies, helping you to relax, tune in and let go of your pain.


Toby Warrener

MRSS DIP BSS. Shiatsu Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reg. Shiatsu Society UK

Toby is an experienced Shiatsu practitioner, who uses his own experience of diet and restorative exercise to inform the treatments he offers. He studied at the British School of Shiatsu for 3 years. His treatments  aim to relax and calm you physically, mentally and emotionally. Toby specialises in treating those who suffer with acute and chronic sleep patterns.

Techniques include palm or thumb massage, sustained pressure, assisted stretching, and gentle holding and rocking motions. Treatment aims to improve your health and vitality by assisting circulation of blood and energy to nourish your tissues and vital organs. Shiatsu  can have a deeply relaxing effect on the body. Toby also teaches daily breathing and gentle stretching exercises to further strengthen the healing process.


louise enticknap

Louise Enticknap

MCThA,ITEC Dipl. Advanced Clinical Massage, Holistic Swedish Massage, Pregnancy Massage.

Louise’s sensitive, intuitive approach tailors the treatment to your needs, supporting you on your physical and emotional journey towards health. Using advanced clinical massage Louise treats soft tissue pain, using trigger-point therapy, myofascial release, stretching and self-care to tackle common complaints such as low back, hip, neck and shoulder pain and repetitive strain injuries.



Joanna Paterson


Joanna trained as a Reflexologist at the London School of Reflexology. She was an elite runner, a GB Junior champion, and 30 years on still competes in Master Athletes events. Through her sporting background, Joanna is fascinated about how all the different parts of the body are linked and can be worked on by accessing the relevant reflex points on the foot. She has a special interest in Reflexology for people who want to remain active, as well as using it for general relaxation purposes. Joanna lives locally, and is a member of the Association of Reflexologists.


Jenny Stevens-Taylor

Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology, Mindful Reflexology

Jenny  is an experienced proficient practitioner.  The treatment is restorative energetically replenishing , assisting the recipient to combat the toxicity of an ever increasing polluted environment, processed diets and fast living of city life.  The condition of the reflex points in the feet act as a mirror indicating the state of health in the corresponding area in the body. The stimulation of these reflex points helps to release blockages and rebalance the energy flow in the body therefore promoting the body’s natural healing power. As an intuitive healer and a Mindfulness trained therapist Jenny recommends reflexology to assist detoxing and deep relaxation of not only the body but also the mind and soul.