Homeopathy is a system of medicine treating the individual to help trigger the body’s natural system of healing. An extensive medical history is taken, enabling the homeopath to match the most appropriate medicine to each individual patient.

Homeopathy works on the principle of “like for like” – that is, something that would cause symptoms in a healthy person is used to cure those same symptoms in illness. For example, for someone suffering with insomnia, which could be caused by coffee, a remedy therefore would be made from coffee.

Amal has written a feature about Children and Craniosacral Therapy in Families Online https://www.familiesonline.co.uk/local/city-of-london/in-the-know/craniosacral-therapy-in-crystal-palace-and-dulwich. Amal would also like to share this article about sleep disorders and homeopathy : Sleep disorders

As well as being a fully experienced, qualified registered homeopath, Amal is also a qualified Cranio-Sacral therapist and with your consent she may use this therapy to help diagnose and treat your condition. The patient remains clothed during this treatment.

When you book your appointment you will be sent a form to fill in, to give the homeopath some background information about you.

The first consultation lasts one hour and 15 minutes and costs £75.00 which includes the first remedy. Follow up appointments cost £65.00 and last 1 hour.